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Other Activity

In addition to professional work, Madhav has been a member of many organisation dedicated to advancing the cause of performance Arts, as well as charitable work.

These include:

  • Member and Chairman on occasion of the London Theatre Council

  • Member and Chairman on occasion of the Provincial Theatre Council

  • Member of the Community Arts Committee of the Greater London Council

  • Member of the Drama Panel of the Greater London Arts Association

  • Member(elected) of the Council and Executive of British Equity, as well as of several Negotiating Parties and Committees

  • Patron of the Playwrights Co-operative

  • Founding initiator of Jobs Grapevine

  • Member of the Ethnic Arts Steering Group of the GLAA

  • Patron of Theatre in Exile

  • First interviewer for BBC Radio of Enoch Powell after his infamous speech

  • Representative of British Equity to the Trades Union Congress, attended by the then Prime Minister James Callaghan, when he made a televised speech in support of the minimum wage

  • Home Office invited Madhav to be an advocate for the Asian community and organisations, at a meeting with the then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, also attended by Sir George Young, Michael Mates MP and Denis Thatcher

  • Chairman and/or keynote speaker at conferences organised by bodies such as the Commission for Racial Equality on Ethnic Arts and Artists

  • Writer of several pamphlets for Equity members

  • Spokesperson on behalf of non-white artists at a meeting with the then Under Secretary at the Home Office

  • Organiser and Chairman of a meeting of Equity members with representatives of the Writers’ Guild, the Society of Authors, the Theatre Writers’ Union, the ACTT, BBC Enterprises, the Association of Directors & Producers, the Personal Managers’ Association, Literary Agents and the Video Copyright Protection Society to discuss the role of Public Service Broadcasting, video piracy and other matters allied to the technological revolution

  • Counsellor, after being trained by the Rev Chad Varah, of the suicidal and despairing

  • Attended a course in Fundraising and Sponsorship run by Luke Rittner and Mary Allen for the Association for Business Sponsorship of the Arts.

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